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Success Stories

"At KB Chiropractic, we have helped many patients of all ages to achieve their health goals and live healthier lifestyles.
Let us know how we can help you reclaim your health!"

-Dr. Keri Bunbury, D.C.

Patient Testimonials

"When I began seeing Dr. Keri Bunbury, I was in severe neck and back pain caused by a car accident 5 years prior. I woke up one morning, not able to move my neck at all. I remember I wasn't even able to lift my head from my pillow. I felt so hopeless because I had tried so many treatments over the years and nothing seemed to work for any substantial length of time. Since the accident, I had met with specialists, received 24 nerve block procedures at a pain treatment center, a year of physical therapy, and countless alternatives. I was given a 'poor prognosis' from my neurologist and told that the pain would only worsen with time. I had tried everything and still I was having regular episodes of severe pain. When a friend referred me to Dr. Bunbury, I was skeptical because I had already been to three chiropractors with no consistent relief, but I was in so much pain that morning that I was willing to try anything.  The treatment I received from Dr. Bunbury has completely changed my life. After my first visit, I felt an immediate reduction in my pain level and have had consistent improvement ever since. The patience, time, and care I receive from Dr. Bunbury is incomparable to any other treatment I have received. I will never forget how hopeless I felt the morning I called to make my first appointment, and I know I will never have to feel like that again. I am able to enjoy my life now and I'm so grateful for that. Thank you, Dr. Keri."
-J.O., 28, Saugerties, NY

"I was involved in a head on collision.  Although I didn't need to go to the ER, I still wanted to be checked by my general physician.  When I attempted to make an appointment, they said they couldn't fit me in because I was a new patient.  I had been going there for about ten years, but they lost my medical records.  I went to the ER, where the doctor barely checked me out then told me I looked fine and could go home.  I decided to call Dr. Keri and left a message asking for an appointment.  She soon called back and said that the office was closed that day, but would make an exception since I was in an accident.  She gave me a full exam checking all potential problems that could arise from a car accident.  Over the next week, with follow-up visits, the stiffness and soreness went away, although I still come in for check-ups.  I am still amazed by the level of care and service provided by Dr. Keri."
-M.F., age 36, Saugerties, N.Y.

 "I've been a chiropractic patient of Dr. Bunbury's for three years.  Prior to chiropractic care, I've had episodes of atrial fibrillation [extreme palpatations due to heart disease] that would last up to three hours each; at one point, sending me into seizures.  Today, I can proudly say that I have had no more episodes since I've been under Dr. Bunbury's care, and have referred some of my friends and relatives to her as well!  
-C.T., age 68, Malden-on-Hudson, NY

"I began seeing Dr. Keri when my wrist was 'acting up.'  I injured my wrist during a volleyball game years ago and since then, every now and then I would feel sharp pain leading to immobility.  Just about anything would trigger it and the pain would last up to weeks then suddenly stop.  I had been to other doctors complaining about the condition and each time it was the same story : "Take medicine," "Try not to use it," "Try sleeping with a brace on it."  One even suggested that I might need to see a surgeon.  Nothing worked and with the threat of surgery facing me, I sought out alternatives.  I came to see Dr. Keri and the combination of adjustments, stretching, and an exercise plan, my wrist feels as good as new!"
-J.M., age 27, Lake Katrine, N.Y. 

"I started seeing Dr. Bunbury because I had lower back pain from two herniated discs, neck pain from whiplash, and overall poor health due to bad nutritional habits.  I had been to two other doctors who told me the only way I'd get better was with either surgery or medication.  I was put on muscle relaxers and arthritis medicine, but they only made me feel sick and since I was in high school at the time, the pain made me unable to concentrate in class, resulting in my grades dropping.  I was spending about 80% of my week in constant pain and although I didn't want to, I started considering surgery.  As a last hope, I made an appointment with Dr. Bunbury.  Right away, she started me on a plan of adjustments, stretches I could do at home, and even helped me get on the right track with my nutrition.  Eventually, the pain started to disappear.  After about  6 months my pain was cut in half and had steadily decreased since then.  Dr. Bunbury changed my life!"       -M.E., age 22, Newburgh, N.Y.  

"After having back surgery, I fully expected to be able to walk unaided. But, to my disappointment I was still having back muscle spasms, discomfort down both legs, and needed a walker to ambulate.  My x-ray showed multiple problems and all I could foresee was a future with pain, disability, and probable future surgeries. Fortunately, I was introduced to the Pro-Adjuster! I am now pain free, when I walk my back is straight, my muscle spasms are gone and I need only Minimal assistance (for long walks) with a straight cane!"          -N.M., age 70, Saugerties, N.Y

"In May of 2007, I attended the Women's Health Expo held in the Town of Ulster.  I happened by the booth of Dr. Keri Bunbury and Dr. Brandon Manson practicing in the field of Chiropractic care. Because of what I have come to call a "flare up" pain in my neck and shoulders (the result of long ago car accidents, none my fault) I stopped to speak to both doctors commenting that I wasn't sold on chiropractic medicine as I had tried another chiropractor with no relief or results. I was assured their approach was different.  On my first visit and upon meeting Dr. Bunbury I felt very comfortable, she was self-assured, knowledgeable, and it was obvious she loved her profession. She was very thorough, allowing time for me to tell her what I was experiencing. My first visit consisted of a consultation, chiropractic exam, computerized nerve scan, and postural analysis. I was amazed to discover, after just two visits, how much better I began to feel. For the first time in a month, I was free from the debilitating constant pain. I continue to visit her on a weekly basis to keep myself strong and healthy. A bonus, other than feeling better, she has lowered my handicap in golf. The only problem I have now is my golfing friends are also paying visits to Dr. Bunbury!" 
-J.P.,age 74, Kingston, N.Y.

"I am a 72-year-old female. When I started going to Dr. Keri a few months ago, I suffered with neck and back pain that was unbearable. After some intense treatments I no longer suffer from back pain and can turn my neck comfortably. I am very grateful to Dr. Keri for all her patience and help."
-B.S.,age 72, Kingston, N.Y.

"When I first came to the office, I had a constant backache. I suffered a back injury and had a protruding vertebra on the upper part of my spine. After my first few visits, Dr. Keri took care of the vertebra, and after several weeks of coming to the office, my backache is gone! With Dr. Keri's guidance, treatment, and instructions for exercises which I do everyday (with a few exceptions) I now walk straighter, have more endurance, and developed considerable muscle tone. I enjoy Dr. Keri's excellent care and the cheerful demeanor of the entire staff."
-B.K., age 63, Stone Ridge, NY

"I had taken a fall on ice and severely injured my right arm.  I suffered from chronic pain in the upper arm and shoulder.  I was referred to a physical therapist, but the schedule wasn't convenient for me.  I went to an orthopedic doctor who referred me back to a physical therapist.  I remembered having visits with Dr. Keri Bunbury in the past and contacted the office to set up and appointment.  She was able to work with my schedule and after months of painful visits, I no longer suffer from chronic pain and I am 95% pain free.  Simple things like dressing, brushing my hair, or lifting a half gallon of milk was so painful because of my chronic condition.  I am so thankful to have met Dr. Keri Bunbury and her staff.  I recommend her services to anyone who needs non-surgical, non-prescriptive treatment.  This is the kind of treatment I was seeking with great success."           -S.A., age 58, Lake Katrine, NY 

"I was having more severe headaches that lasted more than a day.  I had back pain constantly.  I also couldn't hold my head up anymore.  'I'm only in my 20s.  This shouldn't be happening!", I thought to myself.  I also wasn't sleeping well.  Now my back pain is minimal.  I have no problems holding my head up anymore.  I've been able to sleep without the help of sleeping aids.  My headaches are not as severe or frequent.  I always leave KB Chiropractic feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and full of energy.  KB Chiropractic has helped me get peace of mind.  They have reduced my pain and health issues to a minimal existence.  I love that if I have a new issue, it is addressed immediately and usually I feel better immediately!"               -C.J., age 25, Kingston, NY

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