What is RockTape?  

RockTape is kinesiology tape. It can be used to treat sports and non-sport injuries. RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. More specifically it runs interference on pain and painful signals which are directed to the brain.

Decompress Swelling and Inflammation: 

When RockTape is applied to the skin it has a microscopic lifting effect underneath the skin and between multiple layers. This allows the by-products created by inflammation to be removed more quickly.

Delays Fatigue:  

Research has shown that RockTape on skin can delay muscle fatigue. In rehab this is important, not just for the part of the body that is already hurting but the areas surrounding that pick up the slack for muscles that currently aren’t working well.

Normalizes Muscle Tone:  

When somebody is injured, sick or fatigue, the symphony of muscle action that normally takes place often falls out of tune. RockTape helps bring dormant muscle back to life and helps calm down the overactive muscles. This tape also helps the body coordinate movement as if we weren’t hurt, allowing it to heal properly.

Distributes Physcial Stress:

Unlike conventional taping which prevents movement, RockTape allows full movement of a taped area. Through elastic properties and quick recoil, RockTape can help distribute forces to other nearby areas through the fascia, ligaments and even bones.

RockTape signals the central nervous system through the skin nerves, which provides powerful feedback to minimize patient discomfort.            

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